The Museum of Happiness Gift Shop

We've always had loads of requests for Museum of Happiness merchandise! We're also touched by the number of people who ask how they can help us. So we've decided to launch a gift shop with the proceeds going towards spreading happiness in the community! Talk about having your cake and eating it :)

Ink Threadable Logo

We've chosen to work with Inkthreadable to provide our products for a couple of important reasons:

  • They offer great organic and ethically manufactured clothing and it's really important to us to offer a range that feels as well as looks good!
  • They make and ship our items on-demand whenever an order is placed. While this does mean it takes a little bit longer to receive your stuff, it allows the Museum's time, funds and energy to remain focused on spreading happiness rather than manufacturing, storing and shipping stock :)

About the Museum of Happiness

We believe that happiness is a skill that can be learnt.

So we've created a space where people of all ages and backgrounds can explore the science and art of happiness!

Pictures of the Museum of Happiness, Meditating smiling women and a large group of smiling people in front of the museum values signs - Kindness, Creativity, Community and Minfulness

This is no ordinary Museum - you won't find artefacts in glass cases. Only events and activities that bust stress, boost mood and brighten the day.

We're blessed with an amazing community of positive and passionate individuals who believe in spreading happiness. Come and connect - we'd love to welcome you :)


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