What do you mean by ethical manufacturing?

Our clothing carries a small Fair Share price premium that is passed directly onto the garment workers in India towards their Living Wage, giving workers a 50% wage increase.

All our cotton-based products are 100% organic and are produced using socially-responsible production methods.

Are your products certified?

Absolutely! We include details of relevant certifications on all our product pages. These include The Fair Wear Foundation, The Global Organic Textile Standard, Fairtrade and Fair Share.

Where do the proceeds from my purchase go?

We are a non-profit social enterprise run by a small team. We are committed to providing a programme that is accessible to everyone regardless of background or financial circumstances. The income generated from this gift shop supports our community outreach programme; scholarships and providing affordable events both at our base in Camden and out in the community.

Why does delivery take longer than usual?

Inkthreadable make and ship our items on-demand whenever an order is placed. While this does mean it takes a little bit longer to receive your stuff, it allows the Museum's time, funds and energy to remain focused on spreading happiness rather than manufacturing, storing and shipping stock :)

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